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Consultation to Practices

We offer law and mediation firms client management consultation through general skill building or by focusing on specific cases. Consultation can be provided in the convenience and privacy of your offices or ours, and personalized to meet the needs of your practice. Consultation helps lawyers or mediators to recognize what client reactions will derail the case, when they are likely to occur, and what to do to prevent or contain them. We can recommend strategies for resolving impasses and increasing your client's effective participation in the process.

Many lawyers include paraprofessionals and office staff in refining client management skills to create a "state-of-the-art" office capable of responding effectively to a wide range of client demands and needs.


For a clearer idea of how lawyers and mediators apply these skills, click here to read the article, "Effective Client Management: Do You Have To Become Your Clients' Therapist?"

For a more in-depth look at client management with difficult clients, click here to read the article, "Effectively Representing the Unreasonable Client."

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