Divorce Coaching
(available in the greater Boston area only)

We can work directly with your clients to reduce their emotional interference and help them to form a strong, trusting partnership with you. Divorce coaching can often be completed in just a few sessions or it can continue as long as the client needs help to stay "on task."

The divorce coach provides the client with instruction on common reactions to events in the legal process (e.g. serving of papers, initial orders, 4-way meetings), the psychology of divorce, and effects on their children (and how to protect them). Readings and handouts are used to supplement the oral instruction. The coach then helps the client to identify his or her own current and potential emotional states, and anticipate the impasses that may be likely. The coach guides the client in a skill-training program using scenarios and role-playing to avoid the pitfalls and accomplish the work while remaining as emotionally intact as possible. Clients report that divorce coaching has been invaluable in keeping them from falling into the emotional traps that are always present during divorce.


For more details on how divorce coaching works, click here to read the article, "How Divorce Coaching Can Help."

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