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Seminars, Workshops, and Talks for your Organization

Offer the attendees at your next meeting or conference the opportunity to learn how they can help their clients to be calm and more focused. Divorce client management skills provide a much-needed way to reduce stress for lawyers, mediators, judges, court personnel, and clients. It can enable legal representation to proceed smoothly, while protecting the families of divorce.

Talks provide an overview of current risks, goals to strive for, and how to get there.

Seminars and interactive workshops provide in-depth skills training, preparing participants to implement their new tools in their own practices. Length and format can fit the needs of your meeting, from a 2-4 hour short course to more intensive one or two-day institutes.

Quotes from previous conference participants:

"I have been practicing for 23 years and I am board certified in family law. I know a lot..but this program put it all together. Thank you"

"I have been going to. . .conferences for the past 10 years and this is the first time I recall a lawyer specific workshop that was very informative and helpful."


For a clearer idea of how lawyers and mediators apply these skills, click here to read the article, "Effective Client Management: Do You Have To Become Your Clients' Therapist?"

For a more in-depth look at client management with difficult clients, click here to read the article, "Effectively Representing the Unreasonable Client."

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